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The California Association of Licensed Investigators is the largest private investigator association in the world, comprised of Private Investigators and allied professionals throughout California, the United States, and globally. Our goals are to advance the investigation profession through education and legislation.

CALI dedicates resources and energy to make certain that we have the most viable and effective legislative program possible by employing a full-time lobbyist in Sacramento and partnering with the National Council of Investigation and Security Services in Washington D.C. to support their legislative efforts on behalf of CALI.  Click here to continue reading.

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Patricia Banks MgBam
Keith Boak
Joseph Branston
Steven Cherin

Anaquad Cobe
Milton Crossland
Clifford Cutrell
Jonathan DAoust
Barbara Dellamarie
Leonard DeSanti
Julien Dunn
Helena Elsousou
Michael Fairbanks

Don Fritsch
Kimberly Gallegos
Joseph Gasper
Bryan Giles
Thomas Ghyczy
James Gripp
Fred Hardee
Randy Johnson
Gregory Jurek
Kevin Kashiwahara
Vitaliy Khrupin
Emmanuel Ladsous
Sebastian Liczner

Robert Lombardo
Terry Madory
Matthew McFarland
Andrea McLellan
Debbie Midling
Marilyn Morris
Mike Mottesheard
Anthony Peters
Lisa Phillips
Bryan Pinto
Michael Platt
John Powers
Joseph Regan
Joe Reyes
Diane Rivera
Alan Rosenthal
Lawrence Shelton
Carol Tharp
Terry Thompson
Edna Valdez
Sergio Villarreal
Jason Yoakum
James Zimmerman

CALI ONLINE Private Investigator Examination Preparation Course
CALI and the National Cyber Security University are offering an updated and newly designed ONLINE course to prepare qualified candidates for the State of California PI License Test.  The preparation course was designed by a committee of licensed investigators. The course offers a step by step review and sample quizzes to prepare qualified candidates.  Click here for prep course information.

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CALI Disaster Relief Donation

CALI is asking for donations for CALI members who have suffered catastrophic loss due to the California wildfires as well as other areas.

100% of the donations will benefit CALI member disaster victims.


Thank you in advance for your generous support in helping your fellow CALI members.

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