California Association of Licensed Investigators
2018 Awards
Call for Nominations

Distinguished Achievement Award
Investigator of the Year Award
Security Professional of the Year Award


Distinguished Achievement Award

CALI's Most Prestigious and Honored Award

Call for Nominations Deadline: April 13, 2018

Nominations are currently being accepted for CALI's most prestigious and honored award the Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA). Recipients of this award have over an extended period of time contributed an extraordinary amount of time and effort to CALI and to the betterment of the professions in the investigation or security industries in general.

The Distinguished Achievement Award is not an annual award and is not intended to be awarded every year. It is an honor bestowed on those individuals who have made their contributions over an extended period of time. Past DAA recipients and the current sitting President of CALI are not eligible for nomination.

Award Criteria
CALI' s highest honor, the Distinguished Achievement Award, is open to any CALI member who has, over the years, contributed an exceptional amount of their time, energy, and effort to CALI and to the betterment and professionalism of the investigative or security professions. Examples of the following criteria must be submitted in support of the nominee:

  • Length of continuous membership in CALI
  • Contributions to CALI and the industry
  • Leadership skills and their results
  • Demonstrated ability to work with others
  • Participation in training and education
  • Sustained support of CALI
  • Why the nominee will enhance the continued integrity of this Award

Those people nominating a member should include supporting documentation for the nomination including letters of support, testimonials, examples of their contributions to CALI, etc.

The Selection Committee for this award is made up of three outstanding members of the business, government or legal community with no ties to any investigation or security businesses. This committee must arrive, independently, at the same selection, or no award is presented. Neither the nominees nor the members of the Selection Committee are revealed prior to the final announcement.

Nomination Procedure
Any current member of CALI may submit nominations. All nominations should be written in a complete and comprehensive form. Self nominations will not be considered. Letter(s) of  recommendation and other documentation must be included and should highlight achievements and address the award criteria. Nominations must be received no later than April 13, 2018. All nominations must be submitted in writing and forwarded through the U.S. mail to:

Attn: Frank W. Huntington, III, DAA, Chair, DAA Award Committee
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

The DAA award will be presented at the CALI Annual Conference, which will be held at the Hilton Long Beach, June 9-11, 2018.

Previous Recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Award:
Frank W. Huntington, III 2017
Chris Reynolds 2014

Jim Zimmer 2011

Walt Zwonitzer 2010

Barbara R. Burr 2008

Anthony W. Perrin 2006
Clarick G. Brown 2005

Mark A. McClain 2004

Francie Koehler 2003

Raymond E. Smothers 2001

John G. Talaganis 2000

Joseph S. Memolo 1999

Daniel Y. Jones 1998

William E. Weller* 1996

Steve Butin* 1995

Robert J. Frasco* 1994
Robert C. Wallace 1993

Eddy L. McClain 1992

Jack H. Reed 1991

John H. Eppick 1990



Investigator of the Year Award &
Security Professional of the Year Award

Call for Nominations Deadline: April 2, 2018

The Investigator of the Year and Security Professional of the Year Awards are presented to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional service in over the last year. The nominees and recipients will be announced during the Presidents Banquet at the Annual Conference to be held June 9-11, 2018 at the Hilton Long Beach, Long Beach, CA.

Any Active, Associate, or Affiliate member of CALI is eligible for these awards.

  • Nominees for the Investigator of the Year award must be a licensed private investigator (or equivalent)
  • Nominees for the Security Professional of the Year award must be a licensed private patrol operator (or equivalent)
  • Affiliate member nominees must be working as an employee of a licensee or an agency who is exempt from licensure

Award Criteria
Judging will be based on the following achievements and contributions made during the past year, using the following criteria:

  • Outstanding professional achievement (information on a significant case or service).
  • Special contribution to the profession (how the nominee has assisted their profession).
  • Exceptional service to the public (charities or community services the nominee has performed).

The Awards Committee bases its selection on the supporting documentation received showing how the nominee meets the criteria. Letters in support of your nomination from clients, fellow investigators, security professionals or others, who can attest to what you state in your nomination, are necessary to the committee and the process.

Nomination Procedures

  • All nominations must be made by CALI members. Each member may nominate only one candidate for each award. To nominate:
  • Complete the online nomination form to be directed to the Awards Committee by April 2, 2018.
  • Include NOMINATORS letter AND SUPPORTING letters of the recommendation in support of your nomination that addresses the criteria listed above. Nominations without a letter(s) AND VERIFYING DOCUMENTS OF STATED ACHIEVEMENTS will not be accepted.

Click here to complete the online nomination form.

Previous Recipients of the Investigator of the Year Award:
Oleg Flaksman, CPI
Joseph Travers, CPI
CW Sellers
Jean Kyles, CPI
Andrew Hanson, CPI
Joe M. Serrano, CPI
Daniel Goldsmith
Chris Reynolds
Jesus Castillo*
Sheila J. Klopper
Samuel F. Brown, CPI
Anne Fields
Mike M. Pirouzian, CPI, CSP
Walt Zwonitzer
Mark A. McClain, CPI
Ann Archer
Francie Koehler, CPI
Allen P. Cardoza
Jay H. Rosenzweig, CPI
John P. Henebry*, CPI
William E. Weller*
Samuel H. Webster*
Cynthia H. Erdelyi, CPI
Roger L. Smith, CPI
John G. Talganis, CPI
John Hart
Hal Lipset*
Robert C. Wallace, CPI, CSP
Joseph S. Memolo, CPI
Terry Finn, CPI
Steve Mendenhall
Jack H. Reed, CPI
Arnold L. Harris
Joseph B. Laski, CPI
Daniel Y. Jones
Daniel A. Cruzz

Previous Recipients of the Security Professional of the Year Award:
Frank Donahue
Mike M. Pirouzian, CPI, CSP
Brenda M. Knox
Minot B. Dodson*
James C. Cawood, CPI, CSP
Frank Costa
Alan G. Knox
Darryl Le Doux
George M. Gibbs*
Ray Karle
Catherine D. Rogers*
Vicky Emero
Michael Bruce