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December 2019


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Our goals remain as clear and strong as they were when CALI was formed in 1967:

To advance the professions of licensed investigators and security professionals;

To provide education and training to all licensed professionals; and

To articulate and advocate the needs and interests of the professions before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government.

Through quarterly conferences and seminars, publications, community programs, and advocacy on behalf of our profession, we honor our commitment to our colleagues and clients.

 President's Report

How quickly has 2019 gone by? As we get older time seems to move faster. CALI's leadership has also been moving quickly to sustain our profession and develop greater knowledge for those men and women becoming licensed private investigators. As we take a break to share the holidays with our families, please know that we have planned an exciting and engaging 2020. 

Please mark your calendar and plan to join us for Leg Day on March 9. We not only want to keep legislators informed of the vital services we provide the people and businesses of California, we also want show our appreciation for recognizing the importance of maintaining the licensed PIs ability to operate as an independent business.

An expanded, entertaining and educational Annual Conference agenda is taking shape. We are even considering a family day event at one of the Riviera Resort & Spa pools for family members of all ages. Please let me know how that type of event would be received by your families. As a reminder, the Annual Conference is scheduled for June 10 to the 13th in Palm Springs.

There is also much work for our leadership to complete to continue to grow our membership and develop greater knowledge. The Board of Directors will be meeting in January to stay on track with our goals. Please make a point to attend your District meetings, to make your voices heard and support your professional association. And since CALI promotes our profession for all PIs in California and beyond, encourage your colleagues that are not yet members to join. "1 + 1" 

Happy Holidays to all and a very safe and prosperous New Year!

Robert B. Rice, President

In Memoriam

James Black

California licensed PI and former US Marine James Black was laid to rest on Tuesday December 17, 2019 after being murder while attempting to apprehend a fugitive in Moreno Valley.  Mr. Black was a father of five.  All licensed PIs send our condolences to his wife Michelle and the children, as well as family, friends and colleagues.  May he rest in peace.

Legislative Update

On November 12, 2019, my wife (fellow CALI member), Fredrica, and I were invited to attend the "Oath of Office Ceremony to the California State Assembly" for Megan Dahle at the State Capitol. This was the culmination of events that started in July 2019. Ms. Dahle's husband, Assembly Member Brian Dahle, won the Senate seat for District 1 in the California State Senate after State Senator, Ted Gaines, vacated the position. This left a vacant seat in the California State Assembly for District 1. As a result, Ms. Dahle decided to run for the position in a special election to be held on August 27, 2019. Seeing an opportunity to develop a possible personal relationship with a future state legislator, I conferred with Government Affairs Committee Chair, Francie Koehler, and CALI PAC Chairman, Toni Perrin, prior to contacting the campaign manager for Ms. Dahle in an effort to arrange a meeting with her. Within a few days, I had a meeting with Ms. Dahle and her Campaign Manager, Tenessa Audette. During our meeting, I was informed that there were going to be three other Republican candidates, including Ms. Dahle, and one Democrat candidate, running in the August 2019 Special Election. After speaking with Ms. Dahle and considering the other Republican candidates, I felt strongly that she would win the Assembly seat for District 1 which has a majority of Republican constituents. From attending previous CALI Leg Day events, I remembered that regardless of a candidate's political party, it's always good to develop a relationship with the winning candidate.

Ms. Dahle led over the Republican candidates in the Special Election, garnering 36% of the vote. Her Democratic opponent received 38% of the vote, causing a run-off election in November 2019. Considering that the total Republican vote in the Special Election, totaled 62%, I felt strongly that Ms. Dahle would defeat her Democratic candidate in November. My wife and I were invited by the CALI PAC to attend a fundraiser on October 1, 2019, for Ms. Dahle in Sacramento which we did, along with Francie Koehler and CALI's lobbyist, Jerry Desmond. On November 5, 2019, Ms. Dahle was elected to the California State Assembly with 62% of the vote.

Prior to witnessing Ms. Dahle take the Oath of Office for her elected position, we attended a reception in which we met the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, Tani Cantil­Sakuye. We also met with a number of Chiefs of Staff of other Legislative members as well as the Chiefs of Staff for District 1 Assembly Member Dahle and Senator Dahle, discussing CALI and the private investigation industry in general. Also, we were able to speak with former State Senator, Ted Gaines, who is currently a member of the California Board of Equalization for the 1st District.

As a result of utilizing all the information that I have learned from attending the CALI Legislature Day over the last 20 years, my wife and I were able to develop a personal relationship with our State Assembly Member and State Senator. I encourage every CALI member to attend Leg Day and to personally contact your State Legislator on a regular basis. Senator Brian Dahle and Assembly Member Megan Dahle have both accepted CALI's invitation to attend Leg Day on March 9, 2019.

Sean Ditty - Private Investigator #22406

NLITE & CALI Legislative Day

Join us for these special events in Sacramento!

NLITE - March 7, 2020
Newly Licensed Investigator Training & Education (NLITE) is an introductory course that is the foundation of CALI's Professional Development Program. The course covers the basics that every new licensee needs to know in order to begin a career as a Private Investigator in the State of California. 

Click here for more information on NLITE!

Legislative Day - March 9, 2020
One of CALI's paramount goals is to serve as a legislative force for our industry. We complete this through a number of avenues, but one of our most significant is our annual Legislative Day - Campaign for CALI!!

Don't pass up this event! You will be glad that you participated!

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CALI Conference 2020 - Go for the Gold!

Save the date for our next CALI Conference!

June 11-13, 2020 at the Riviera in Palm Springs

Click here for information on our upcoming Conference.

New Members

As of December 2019:

Central Coast
John Prangenberg

East Bay
Kevin Edwards

Inland Empire
Lance Bauer
Timothy Doonan
Steven Kalla
Albert Mendoza
Kelly Reynolds
Daniel Elton

Los Angeles
Carlos Agosti
Jackie Grant
Greg Labe
Carlos Martinez
Robert Solis
Tomer Benito
Paul DeMarco
Stephan Margolis
Jonathan Pena
Birindwa Lunja
Imran Piracha

No District Affiliation
Christopher Bittner
Steve Castellanos
Michael Delaney
Sean Farley
Michael Gaudynski
Roger McGrew
Patrick Reardon
Jaeun Delio
Paul Dank
Oscar Gonzalez Abraham
Luke Lucas
Abel Silva

Maria Colone
Scott Orr
Evan Corcoran
Mohamad Khatibloo

Out of State
William Pace

Desirae Hadley
Rita Lacher

Jeff Amado
David DeLeon
Gary Elliott
Erik Farahmand
Steve Turner
Douglas Vance
John-Paul Rice

San Diego
William Hoffman
Mendy Hufford
David O'Connor
Lour Bun
Ryan LaFleur
Malissa Ortegon

San Francisco
Hai Hua Wen
Fidel Taylor
David Oberhoffer

San Joaquin South
Gerald Brown
Kevin Legg

San Jose
Stephanie Burward-Hoy
Marco Alcaraz
Wen-Chi Thomas

South Bay/Long Beach
James Friedman

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 As a reminder, the CALI office will be closed from
December 24, 2019 - January 2, 2020.

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