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February 2020


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Our goals remain as clear and strong as they were when CALI was formed in 1967:

To advance the professions of licensed investigators and security professionals;

To provide education and training to all licensed professionals; and

To articulate and advocate the needs and interests of the professions before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government.

Through quarterly conferences and seminars, publications, community programs, and advocacy on behalf of our profession, we honor our commitment to our colleagues and clients.

 President's Report

Robert B. Rice

We are approaching the last third of CALI's fiscal year, the busiest portion of the term. Leg Day on Monday, March 9 in Sacramento is just a few weeks away. I encourage members to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with your legislator at the Capitol. Join your fellow CALI members as we continue to share with our elected officials the views of the association and the private investigation profession as a whole. At the time of what could arguably be CALI's greatest legislative victory; the exclusion of licensed PIs from AB 5, the independent contractor vs employee legislation currently rocking the stability of many professions in this state; it is of utmost importance that we continue to emphasize to our legislators the purpose and manner in which the private investigation profession operates. Attendees will also be afforded an opportunity to hear from those members seeking Officer Positions in the Association.

There are many planned educational District meetings in the spring, including those meetings where district members choose their District leadership including the District representative (Director) to the Board of Directors. I encourage members to attend those meetings and be certain that you express your thoughts to your District leadership regarding methods in which CALI can further improve the association and the profession.

Registration is opening for CALI's annual conference from June 11, 2020 through June 13, 2020 in Palm Springs at the Rivera Resort & Spa. The conference will commence in the early afternoon of June 11 with an opening plenary with retired FBI agent Dr. Rhonda Glover. Dr. Glover is a dynamic speaker and will stimulate all of us to achieve greater accomplishments. The conference committee has been hard at work preparing an outstanding program for CALI members and non-members to further their ability to service our clients. Educational sessions will be held for all experience levels. Private investigators will have the opportunity to learn new and improved investigative skills and resources. More recently licensed PIs will network with their more experienced colleagues and be exposed to methods of securing more business. Those attending will leave with invaluable knowledge and contacts to further their careers.

There is much I wish to achieve in advancing CALI and the PI profession. One year is just not enough time. Hence I am running for another term as CALI's President. One subject of emphasis is facilitating a more efficient method for BSIS to serve the profession.

When members receive their electronic ballot in the spring, there will be multiple By-Law amendments to be considered and voted upon. These amendments are intended to bring CALI into the modern age of technology and time usage. The Board of Directors has debated the appropriate language and intent of these amendments and is recommending the membership's approval. Please be certain to review the ballots and vote.

I continue to encourage members to share with non-member PIs and security personnel the importance and benefit of being members of the world's largest private investigator and security association. We want them to join YOU in furthering our profession. "1+1"

CALI 2020 Conference: June 11-13

Registration for the 2020 Conference in Palm Springs, CA is now open! Register before the early bird deadline on April 20! 

Legislative Day

One of CALI's paramount goals is to serve as a legislative force for our industry. We complete this through a number of avenues, but one of our most significant is our annual Legislative Day - Campaign for CALI!!


Newly Licensed Investigator Training & Education (NLITE) is an introductory course that is the foundation of CALI's Professional Development Program. The course covers the basics that every new licensee needs to know in order to begin a career as a Private Investigator in the State of California.

Click here for registration and more information on NLITE.

CALI Awards


Call for Nominations Deadline: April 10, 2020

All nominations must be submitted in writing and forwarded through the U.S. mail to:

Frank Huntington
5150 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Suite 101 #327
Carmichael, CA 95608 



Call for Nominations Deadline: April 17, 2020

Nominations can be sent by US mail to:
William H. Schneid, Ph.D.
Investigator of the Year Committee Chair
33490 Date Palm Drive, Suite 3066
Cathedral City, CA 92235

Or by email to: William H. Schneid, Ph.D. at [email protected]

Click here for more information on CALI Awards.

CALI Scholarships

The Scholarship Program Awards are for the purpose of promoting the professional standing of the investigation profession and those committed to continuing education. Scholarship applications are due on or before May 15, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. PST.

Click for more information about the CALI Educational Scholarship.

Support CALI's Scholarship Fund by becoming a "Tee Sponsor" at the CALI Annual Conference Golf Tournament. A sign will be placed on your tee box recognizing you or your company. Sign up when you register for the conference!

District Meeting Updates

Los Angeles District

Big turnout for the Los Angeles/Central Coast joint meeting featuring Attorney Lisa F. Rosenthal, who spoke about Family Law Cases and how to properly conduct an investigation and testify in court.

New Members

As of February 2020:

Central Coast
John Prangenberg

East Bay
James Clark

Kevin Edwards
Raymond Lamb
Ed Medina

Inland Empire
Robin Allen

Timothy Doonan
Ron Moody
Christopher Saucier

Los Angeles
Kirk Acosta

Thomas Barnes
Paul DeMarco
Jackie Grant
Stephanie Green
Rafael Hechavarria

Jeanette Alcon

Maria Colone
Evan Corcoran
Matthew Olin
Scott Orr

Out of State
Amy Elliott

Daniel Largent

David DeLeon

Gary Elliott
Erik Farahmand
Casey Finney
Damian Patterson
Douglas Vance

San Diego
Lour Bun

Malissa Ortegon

San Francisco
David Oberhoffer

San Jose
Wen-Chi Thomas

No District Affiliation
Christopher Bittner

Steve Castellanos
Dustin Dalton
Sean Farley
Francesco Finanzon
Michael Gaudynski
Anna Giovacchini
Marc Hurwitz
Robert Kowalkowski
Roger McGrew
John Morris
Fred Petrovsky
Terry Reaka
Michael Ewing
Rande Johnsen
Nathaly Pacheco

Click here for the full list of new members.


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