CALI Executive Director’s Report

Tuesday, April 09, 2013  
CALI Executive Director’s Report

Wow, what a year so far! It’s amazing how time has flown by and that it is only been a little over eight months since Sterling Strategic Management came on board. This year has been met with many successes and a few challenges.

SSM for the most part has completed the transition of the CALI infrastructure. We’ve learned (most of) the procedures and tried to streamline them when applicable. I believe once we have completed an entire year with CALI and have had a chance to experience the various events, awards, elections, budgeting process, legislative cycle, etc., we will have a much better understanding of the in’s and out’s of the association.

A few highlights of our progress so far are updating the membership database to correct all erroneous expiration dates. We contacted all lapsed members by mail and email to encourage them to renew. The CALI office worked with Safety Director Robert Rice to contact all participants of the CALI-SCIF program that are not CALI members to encourage them to join. CALI membership has grown by 336 members since SSM starting tracking membership numbers in July. Currently CALI membership is at 1,389.

SSM saved the association over $3,500 in its insurance coverage. We also anticipate the association will realize a savings in excess of $12,500 by eliminating the print version of the membership directory. The PDF version is currently in the final stages of design before it is released.

The office introduced a new method of delivering emails, giving CALI’s electronic communications a fresh, updated look. Believe it or not, in the past CALI has not collected non-member information for marketing purposes. The office recently began collecting the information of all non-members that attend a CALI event or in any way come in contact with CALI. We redesigned and distributed the district attendance sheet, which includes a place for email addresses but very few districts are using it. I would like to remind everyone that email marketing has virtually no cost associated with it while mailing through the USPS is quite costly. In cases when we had to mail, we’ve reduced the size and weight of the mailing to reduce the cost. The NLITE VII mailing was a 2-sided color postcard that referenced the CALI website. Items like this will continue to add to the CALI’s bottom line.

The office recently purchased the latest PI database from BSIS in anticipation of a mailing CALI will be conducting jointly with PI Magazine. This mailing will promote the upcoming conference and the benefits of CALI membership.

The CALI 2013 Annual Conference is approaching. The conference committee has worked hard to produce a great offering. The Website has been updated, registration is open; the brochure, which has been designed to cost less to print and mail, is almost completed and will be in the mail very soon. Email blasts promoting the conference will start next week. The contract for the 2014 conference has been signed with Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Michael Julian and I have a standing weekly call to discuss membership, marketing, value proposition, administration, and the many, many things that go on behind the scenes to make CALI operate efficiently.

On behalf of my staff and myself, I would like to thank those of you who have patiently worked with us to make the transition run as smooth as possible. Change can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and frustrating. I am proud of the service SSM has provided to CALI members and leadership during the learning curve. Nothing pleases me more than when we get a call or email from a CALI member thanking us for our service and follow up. I look forward to growing with CALI. The best is yet to come!

Respectfully Submitted,

Jerry Packer
Executive Director