CALI President's Report

Friday, December 27, 2013  

The month of December is almost gone which means our fiscal year is halfway over. Because of necessary adjustments made over the past year and a half, CALI is in better shape financially than it has been in some time. We have also learned that because of increased enrollment, the management fee paid to CALI by State Fund for our participation in their group insurance program last year has increased by almost $50,000. However, we are still unsure as to the future of the SCIF group insurance program and management fee paid to CALI so we cannot count on it always being there and therefore must operate our association as if we won’t have it to spend each and every year. But for now CALI is in great shape financially and is on track to be even stronger in 2014.

CALI-CALSAGA Legislative Meeting December 3, 2014

The leadership of CALI and CALSAGA held an informative and productive meeting on December 3rd at the office of our legislative advocate Jerry Desmond, Jr., in Sacramento. Attendees were: myself as CALI President; Francie Koehler, CALI Legislative Chair; Jerry Desmond, Jr., CALI Legislative Advocate; Roy Rahn, CALSAGA Executive Director, Bryon Bayer, CALSAGA President; Mark Miller, CALSAGA Legislative Chair; and Kelly Jensen, CALSAGA Legislative Advocate.

CALI Members may recall that our two organizations have often worked together in the Capitol over the years on legislation of mutual interest. This meeting re-confirmed and re-invigorated our positive working relationship. Our discussion was enlightening, as we reviewed the recent legislation of interest to CALI and CALSAGA and also noted those bills in which we shared common perspectives as well as legislation of separate interest to our organizations.

One of our key take-aways from the meeting is that CALI will be providing CALSAGA with an informational memorandum on the provisions and impact of the CALI-sponsored AB 1720 [Torres] of 2012. This is to provide CALSAGA members with information on the new law that took effect on January 2, 2013, through AB 1720 sponsored by CALI, that requires a person to be granted access to a gated community for service of process, under certain circumstances, upon displaying evidence of licensure as a private investigator.

AB 1720 [Torres] was enacted as Chapter 113, Statutes of 2012 and amends California Code of Civil Procedure Section 415.21. The revisions to this section add provisions allowing licensed private investigators to enter a gated community for a reasonable amount of time for the sole purpose of performing lawful service of process or service of subpoena, as specified. Francie and Jerry are finishing up this article, which CALSAGA has generously offered to distribute to its Members.

We also anticipate keeping in touch as our two organizations pursue pro-active legislation to benefit our constituencies. Both of our legislative committees are developing legislation to amend our separate licensure acts. While we understand that the Senate and Assembly Committees in the Capitol require that these issues be addressed in separate legislation, the issues certainly represent another opportunity for our continuing dialogue.

As our advocate Jerry Desmond has counseled, 2014 promises to be an active and busy year in the State Capitol. Your CALI leadership, including me as President, will continue our work pro-actively to protect and enhance the interests of our members, and to maintain and build on the positive relationships with legislators, public officials, and other industries in order to accomplish our objectives.

State Compensation Insurance Fund

There have been no other meetings between CALI and SCIF representatives since the last time I reported on our progress with the vendor management program so I have nothing new to report. This does not mean that we are not continuously working on this issue and are still gathering statements and testimonials from investigators being affected by this program. We will continue to work and I will continue to report as this issue progresses.

Happy New Year!

I would like to personally and as the President of CALI wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year. Life is way too damn short to stress over the things you cannot control or waste time being unhappy about things you cannot change so make 2014 a year you live with passion, love with all your heart and make yourself and those you love happy!

Michael Julian, President