Campaign for CALI

Thursday, March 13, 2014  

One of our organization’s main purposes is to serve as a legislative force for our industry.  A primary means by which we accomplish this is though our annual Legislation Day to be held on March 17, 2014.

If you have never attended a Legislation Day, I strongly urge you to speak to a fellow member who has.  I guarantee they will have nothing but positive things to say.

As always, participation in Legislation Day is important as there are always issues that both benefit and harm our industry.  This year, matters concerning a BSIS Disciplinary Review Committee and LLCs for Private Investigators are hot topics.  And, just like last year, our efforts regarding SCIF are still ongoing.  The Legislation Committee will be identifying numerous bills that can and will have a direct impact on our industry as well as many of us personally.  A showing of strength at the Capitol will do wonders for our cause.

Please remember that registration is required and easily done on the CALI website.  You will be asked for your home address, but this is only to determine who your representatives are, information that is crucial to setting up appointments.

For further information, please contact Leg Day Chair Frank Huntington at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you to Campaign for CALI on CALI’s Annual Legislation Day.  Remember, your support is crucial to CALI’s continued efforts to protect our profession!