Monday, January 23 through Friday, January 27, 2017
Dolce Hayes Mansion
200 Edenvale Avenue 
San Jose, CA 95138

The California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI) and the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC) have joined forces to deliver what promises to be the most exciting training event of the year!  You do not want to miss the opportunity to attend this 40-hour Criminal Defense Investigation Academy to be held on January 23, 2017, at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California.  

Participants will be divided into investigative teams and assigned a faculty advisor to facilitate the scenario-based training. The general session will operate in concert with a hands-on mock investigation that allows participants to engage in each component of the investigative process through hands-on learning.  A scenario-based learning practicum will include both day and night staged crime scene processing and role play. Team participants will be provided with simulated case discovery to facilitate application of the skill set taught in the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation. This is a nationally recognized systematic approach to conducting investigations.   

Advanced classes in homicide and sex crimes investigation will be provided for those who have completed the CDITC Component Method Training. Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigators Brandon A. Perron and Francie Koehler will lead the highly qualified faculty and advisors. 




The program will involve participant investigative teams with designated team leaders and faculty advisors to facilitate and lead follow-up discussions. Academy Instructors will provide lecture and media based training in general sessions and lead breakout teams in hands-on training. This is a premier Criminal Defense Training Program and will consist of (but not be limited to) the following:

  • Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation
  • Law - Legal Defenses - Defense Theories
  • Uncovering Reasonable Doubt Component Methods 1-6
    • Forensic Case Review & Analysis
    • The Defendant Interview
    • Crime Scene Examination
    • Impeachment/Background Inquiries
    • Witness Interviews
    • Report Writing & Testifying
  • Forensic & Specialized Training
  • Blood Spatter Analysis & Blood Detection
  • Death Investigation - Theory and Practice

An advanced track will be provided on Days 1 and 2 for those who previously completed the two-day (16 hours) Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council's Certified Course in the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation Case Management.


Instructors and Advisors have been drawn from CDTIC members and CALI members. Instructors will present parts of the training and advisors will lead teams or support both roles.  Additional advisors may be recruited at the event.

Special Guest Speaker – William Dan O'Malley, Esq. (Judge Ret.)

•    Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER, (Academy Director & Instructor)
•    Francie Koehler, CCDI, CFSI, CPI, CLI (Deputy Academy Director & Instructor)
•    Brad Perron, CCDI, CFSI, (Forensic Training Coordinator & Instructor)
•    William Anthony Monroe, CCDI, CFSI – (Instructor/Advisor)
•    Peter Barnett, B.S., D-ABC, Forensic Scientist, (Forensic Instructor)
•    Keith Inman, Criminology Professor, Forensic Scientist, (Instructor/Advisor)
•    C.W. Sellers, (Training Coordinator/Advisor)
•    Anne Fields, CCDI – (Advisor)


This is an all-inclusive event!  Registration includes:

  • Academy Training
  • Training Materials
  • Meals
  • Accommodations for 5 nights (Sunday -Thursday evenings). The Hayes Mansion is currently sold out. Any new attendees will be accommodated at a neighboring hotel.
    Complimentary parking
    Complimentary wireless Internet in guest room and meeting room

    Please note: Transportation is not included.

Member: $2495.00
Non-member: $2795.00
Register and Join CALI: $2650.00

IF PAYING BY CHECK: Full payment is required upon registration. Please contact the office via email at or call 949-715-5401 to alert staff you are paying by check to complete the registration process.

CANCELLATION POLICY: $1,000 (deposit) is non-refundable. Cancellations must be received in writing (fax or e-mail accepted) by 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 3, 2017. No refunds of any kind after Tuesday, January 3, 2017, at 5:00 p.m.


The general session training includes a simulated investigation and staged crime scene to allow participants to engage in each component of the investigative process in instructor-led teams. Please click here to view the schedule.

Upon completion, all participants will be Certified in the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation and recognized by the CDITC as a Criminal Defense Specialist. The advanced expert designation as a Board Certified Criminal Defense investigator (CCDI) will also be available to those who are qualified.  Additional fees will apply to those seeking the CCDI expert designation.

CCDI designation requirements:

  • The graduates of the Academy who choose to seek the CCDI designation must complete the application and meet the 2 years experience requirement, completion of 25 comprehensive criminal defense cases, provide written recommendations from two criminal defense attorneys, and pass a written test.  
  • Membership in the CDITC is required. The first year's annual dues of $ 50.00 required to maintain certification is waived. 
  • The initial fee for designation as a nationally recognized Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI) is $ 175.00 per investigator reduced to $ 125.00 for CALI-CDITC Academy graduates.

"I am looking forward to attending this 40-hour Criminal Defense Investigator's Academy offered through CALI. This is an excellent opportunity to get substantial criminal defense training and certification. Thank you to C.W. Sellers, Instructor Brandon Perron and his associate instructors for putting this together in California."  ~ Anthony Hopkins, CPI