First Meeting as a District Governor Henry Lee

Wednesday, May 22, 2013  

Mr. Lee is an Investigative Crime Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, where he covered crimes, courts and aviation for over 20 years. He is also well known for his published work entitled "Presumed Dead”, a true-life murder mystery. The book is a chronicle of the disappearance of Nina Sharanova Reiser in Oakland, California 2006 leaving behind her estranged husband and two children. Her suspicious husband Hans Reiser insisted that she left on her own accord. Due to circumstantial evidence the police did not believe him. With in these pages Mr. Lee gives Nina Sharanova a voice, and examines the uncertainty of the Justice system trying a person for murder with out a body.

The East Bay District had the advantage of the presentation of guest speaker Mr. Henry Lee. It is with the utmost appreciation that I write this article after observing as a professional and reading his book. I must say Mr. Lee demonstrated exemplary investigative skills. After hearing Mr. Lee speak I observed his "need to know” child like openness and appreciation when communicating with CALI Investigators. He was able to capture the attention and retrieve optimum information by utilizing limited to no ego as he observed and indulged in dialogue. I also found him to be extremely modest and down to earth, i.e. demonstrating his ability to relate to anyone.

This was the East Bay District’s first meeting for 2012, as well as for me as a District Governor. Although it wasn’t our largest turn out for the year, it was the most memorable because of what Mr. Lee represented; his passion for his work, experience and abilities as an Investigative Crime Reporter.

Wanda M. Singleton
FYI Research and Investigations

CALI District Governor-East Bay