In Memoriam

The California Association of Licensed Investigators would like to recognize these investigators who
have passed away, leaving behind many memories of friendship.

Tribute to Jack Harley Reed

CALI and the entire private investigation profession recently lost a pioneer to the industry.  Lifetime member Jack Harley Reed from Fullerton, CA recently passed away.

Jack was a Certified Private Investigator, lawyer, legal Investigator and businessman extraordinaire.  Preferring to be referred to simply as “Jack”, he was truly an amazing man with a heart brighter than a full moon in the southern sky and a brain that always ran at least as fast as the speed of sound. 

Jack Reed was born on April 13, 1933 in Los Angeles, CA. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a builder with a fantastic head for numbers, which Jack inherited.  Tough times in LA forced Jack to leave home at the age of 15.  He never did graduate from High School.  But Jack never deterred from his responsibilities.  He went right to work selling cars at a local auto dealership.  While there, he encountered a finance person who gave him a job in collections with Seaboard Finance Company.  He worked in the south LA area commonly known as “Watts” repossessing goods.  He worked his way up to the youngest manager in the history of the company, managing their biggest office.

In 1964, Jack left the finance company at age 31 and found the Investigation profession.  He went to work for a local PI doing collections, finding people, and serving process.  Once he became licensed, Jack started his own investigative agency, JHRI, Inc.

In 1971, while running his investigation agency, attending law school and supporting a family, Jack sustained a serious spinal injury that required surgery.  Although he walked into the hospital for the surgery, he could not walk out!  Jack was paralyzed from the neck down.  Doctors told him he’d never walk again.  Jack was sent to a rehabilitation hospital where he began the process of regaining his mobility.  He first learned how to crawl and then the struggle to walk.  He even had to be held up in a shower.  Finally, defying all medical probability, Jack walked out of that hospital with a neck brace and 2 canes. 

Instead of filing a medical malpractice claim, Jack went back to his life with much support from his wife Mary and a PI competitor, the late Bill Weller.  Bill drove Jack around and provided a helping hand so that Jack’s business could survive.  Jack continued in law school from a wheelchair.  In 1972 he graduated from Western State University College of Law, earning his LLB.  Amazingly, Jack did not have a HS diploma or college sheepskin, yet he had a law degree!

Not only did Jack’s investigation business survive after his remarkable medical recovery, but it thrived.  By 1975, JHRI employed 10, and by 1979 the business had 22 employees.  Eventually, it grew to well over 40 employees.  After selling the business in the 90’s, Jack stayed on as Chairman of the Board for another 5 years. 

Let it be known that Jack Reed’s own sacrifice to service the PI profession is nothing short of legendary, and came almost always at his own expense. 

In 1971, Jack joined CALI and immediately became involved in helping his fellow investigators.  Jack served as a District Governor for 2 ½ years.  He was elected to CALI’s BOD and served for over 20 years.  In 1980 Jack was elected President of CALI.  He spent most of his 20 plus years serving as either the Chair and/or member of the Legislative Committee, which is where he dedicated most of his efforts to fighting for the rights of investigators and security specialists.

Jack was also a member of NCISS and served on their BOD for some 15+ years.  He was elected President for the 1997-98 term.  As NCISS President, Jack helped establish the framework for the State Associations to work in partnership with NCISS.  In 1997, Jack helped organize the largest gathering of leaders of Private Investigative Associations that had ever officially accumulated.  27 representatives from state, national, and international organizations attended in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss legislative issues and initiatives, and map out a future plan of action to promote Grass Roots Activism.

Other professional organizations  Jack became affiliated with and served in a leadership capacity included CII in 1980 and NALI in 1984.  Jack testified on multiple occasions regarding privacy, access to public records, and adverse and favorable legislation affecting the PI profession before the US Congress, the Federal Trade Commission, the California State Legislature, the State Judicial Council, and the Washington State Committee on Privacy.  Jack was the very first private investigator to be appointed and serve on the SEARCH Committee of Privacy and Criminal Justice Information, a part of the US Attorney General’s office.  His contributions and expertise in the areas of privacy, public records, and legislation is considered legendary and his testimony and knowledge shared have caused politicians and privacy advocates to have a much higher opinion of private investigators.   Jack taught classes on information management, public records, government and privacy.  He was interviewed by national and local news media and organizations, and represented the profession with class, dignity, and fervor.

Jack was the recipient of CALI’s Investigator of the Year and Distinguished Achievement Awards; CII’s Investigator of the Year; and NALI’s National Director Award and The Julius “Buddy” Bombet Lifetime Achievement Award.  Just about every association he’s ever been involved in honored Jack. 

Jack’s contributions to the PI profession are many.  While operating JHRI, Inc., Jack formed a company that would ultimately be named Information Resource Service Company, better known as IRSC.  Under Jack’s leadership, IRSC began selling public record information to investigators in California and shortly thereafter, expanded their market nationally and internationally.  IRSC was the very first business to sell information to investigators On-Line!

In 1982, Jack managed to convince the Federal Trade Commission to give him permission to resell credit header information.  Jack’s company was the very first in the United States of America to resell Credit Header Information to Private Investigators!  By 1989, IRSC had access to more than 700 databases and was selling vital information to PIs worldwide.

Jack’s benevolence to the PI profession is well known worldwide.  He has given of himself, using his own funds, time and time again-be it flying to Washington to fight legislation, sponsoring a cocktail party, or paying for a full registration to a conference.  Jack gave CALI $25,000 to start the scholarship fund.

Not only was Jack an advocate for the PI profession, he was a tremendous family man and advocate for the disadvantaged.  Jack was a foster parent and involved with a group named ZONTA that assists disadvantaged women. 

Jack Reed was a modern pioneer.   His devotion to the PI profession is second to none.  He made the profession and the world a better place.  He will truly be missed.  CALI joins in with many sharing their condolences to his family and friends.

A message from Dietz Associates, Inc. regarding the passing of fellow P.I., Gregg M. Dietz.

"On behalf of our entire team at Dietz Associates, Inc., I am writing with my deepest regrets to announce the recent passing of Gregg Dietz. He fought hard, but succumbed after a brief illness. This is without a doubt a great loss to the community. Mr. Dietz was the epitome of class and touched many lives. He was cherished as a son, a brother, a friend and a mentor. Through years of hard work and determination, Mr. Dietz has built strong business relationships with many of you.

Per Mr. Dietz' wishes, there will be no services. He has asked that anyone wanting to make a donation in his memory do so to one of the following organizations, both of which were close to his heart."

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Advisory Board

The German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California