CalStar Unlimited

Matt Andrews has background that includes journalism, corporate training, and management, Matt began his investigative career in 2009 as an AOE/COE Investigator for a Bay Area firm. He found a natural affinity and aptitude for the work, and in 2012, he began overseeing a variety of investigations throughout the Western United States. By 2015, he was intimately involved in managing the day-to-day operations of a private investigative firm, and in 2016, he cofounded CalStar Unlimited, an investigative firm serving businesses, as well as the insurance companies and attorneys who work on their behalf, throughout California.

CalStar Unlimited

Amenoel Barfield began her career in law enforcement, where she worked as a Commissioned Security Specialist and Police Officer in Washington and Idaho with specialized training in Homicide, Sex Crimes, Crimes Against Children, and a certification in Crime Scene Investigation. In 2011, she moved to California and began working as a private investigator, specializing in insurance claim investigations and fraud.


FiveBy5 Intelligence
David Boone
is a Certified Trainer for Paul Ekman International and a subject matter expert in the field of Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility.  He is a national speaker for Vistage International and has been a keynote speaker for numerous fraud associations and SIU conferences all over the US.  David is a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy and served in the US Army.  He is a licensed Private Investigator and has owned his own security and investigations company (Pentagon Protective and Investigative Services) for the last 20 years.

On Track Investigations

Johnston Blakley,
has over 23 years of private investigation experience in the insurance claims industry. Johnston directly supervises and trains field investigators for his company, On Track Investigations Inc. as they conduct investigations throughout the State of Florida.
Johnston and his wife Dana also train and certify intern investigators in accordance with Florida’s 40 hour requirement at

Audio/Video Forensic Analyst

Doug Carner is an audio-video-image enhancement and authentication expert.  His career spans thousands of cases in nearly every jurisdiction, and is featured in legal and trade publications.  He operates an international forensic laboratory, serves on forensic boards and committees, is industry certified, is an industry trainer and software tester, pioneered industry methods, and created the world's most relied upon forensic enhancement and authentication software.  Mr. Carner is widely praised by both defense and prosecution for aiding in quick settlements, and his expert opinions have helped to discredit junk science.  In his spare time, he donates his capabilities to law enforcement, innocence projects, and the restoration of historical recordings.  Want to learn more, just ask your smart phone, "Who is Doug Carner?"

Bill Clutter Investigations
Bill Cutter's
investigation of wrongful conviction cases began with his work in the Nicarico case in 1988 that lead to the exoneration of Rolando Cruz and Alejandro Hernandez from death row. It was one of the few cases where police and prosecutors were indicted for misconduct.  Bill testified as witness for the special prosecutor in the trial of the DuPage 7.
In 1992, Bill developed forensic evidence that eventually freed Randy Steidl, who had been convicted and sentenced to death for a 1986 double homicide in Paris, IL. His investigation ultimately identified the real killer as serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells, who was executed in Texas in 2014. In 2001, Bill started the Illinois Innocence Project at the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS). It was the first undergraduate program in the country.  With few resources, and no lawyers or law students, the program accomplished three exonnerations by its 10-year anniversary in 2011. Bill was credited by Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, along with a handful of others, whose work contributed to the abolition of Illinois’ death penalty in 2011. The following year, Bill moved to Louisville, KY, where he continues to work on death penalty cases. In 2013, he started a national not-for-profit organization called Investigating Innocence.   The organization is credited with two exonerations, David Camm, a former Indiana State Police officer who spent 13 years in prison, and Curtis Lovelace, a former prosecutor and team captain of the Fighting Illini football team that won the 1990 Citrus Bowl.


Chris Enss
is a New York Times Best Selling author, a scriptwriter and comedienne who has written for television and film, and performed on cruise ships and on stage. She has worked with award-winning musicians, writers, directors, producers, and as a screenwriter for Tricor Entertainment, but her passion is for telling the stories of the men and women who shaped the history and mythology of the American West. Some of the most famous names in history, not to mention film and popular culture, populate her books. She reveals the stories behind the many romances of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody who moved on from his career as a scout on the plains to bring the enormously successful performance spectacle of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West to audiences throughout the United States and Europe between 1883 and 1916. And she tells the stories of the many talented and daring women performed alongside men in the Wild West shows, who changed the way the world thought about women forever through the demonstration of their skills. Chris brings her sensitive eye and respect for their work to her stories of more contemporary American entertainers, as well. Her books reveal the lives of John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, bringing to light stories gleaned from family interviews and archives. The most famous American couple of the 19th Century, General George Armstrong Custer and Elizabeth Bacon Custer draws her scrutiny as well. None Wounded, None Missing, All Dead reveals the personality of the fiery, lively Libbie and her lifelong effort to burnish her husband’s reputation. Chris takes readers along the trail with the Intrepid Posse as their horses thunder after the murderer of Dodge City dance hall favorite Dora Hand, and she turns her attention to the famous Sam Sixkiller, legendary Cherokee sherriff, but perhaps most extraordinary are the stories of the ordinary men and women who shaped American history when they came west as schoolmarms, gold miners, madams, and mail-order brides.

O & O Investigations

Oleg Flaksman began his career as a private investigator at the age of 19 in New York City, working one-man surveillance. In 2011 Oleg obtained his Private Investigator license in California and established his own PI firm, O&O Investigations, Inc. O&O Investigations invests thousands of dollars each year into developing in-house surveillance technology, which allows the firm to conduct surveillance that other firms cannot and to tailor the surveillance to the unique specifications of each case. O&O Investigation’s background investigations and social media forensics provide clients with key evidence to win their cases; whether it was a damning photograph, a telling post, or a seemingly unimportant comment.  As the Founder and President of O&O Investigations, Inc., Oleg prides himself on having established one of the most professional private investigative firms in Southern California. One of his core philosophies is that there is no substitute for visual evidence. To this end, O&O Investigations, Inc. works closely with their clients and attorneys to obtain integral evidence that is necessary to win a case. As an expert in the field of surveillance, background investigations and social media forensics, Oleg takes the time to share knowledge and experience with investigators and the general public through his blog and courses he teaches nationwide.

ExperTrace Investigations

Diane Hellmer began her career as a television producer and had the opportunity to work on an adoption reunion show on CBS where she received professional training from an expert genealogist.  Four years later, she led the search team for yet another reunion show on ABC titled, "Find My Family."  As the daughter of an adoptee, she took a special interest in the search for birth families and has since helped 100's of people find their own families.  Finally, an overwhelming desire took over and she decided her career needed to take a detour into the field of private investigations, which led to the birth of ExperTrace Investigations in 2012.

Telos Investigations
John Hiatt
grew up in Maine's northwoods, and attended Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA to become a Wildlife Biologist. Assigned in one class to a junior high school “little brother”, with whom he remains friends today, John’s interests turned to Child Psychology. About the same time, John became a high adventure camping leader for the Boy Scout troop his college roommate operated for his younger siblings. Needing money, at age 21 John became a Deputy Sheriff assigned to Dispatch, Jail, and Patrol; last assigned as a Resident Deputy to an Indian reservation. Leaving law enforcement, and while working on his Master’s Degree, John worked as an industrial accident investigator in commercial lines insurance, including workers’ compensation. Based upon findings of his Master’s Thesis, in 1986 John founded and then directed a residential and psychological treatment program for court acquainted youths (wards and dependents), one which utilized high adventure wilderness expeditions in its treatment approach. Exhausted over two decades later, John obtained hardly more relaxing work as an investigating Child Protective Services social worker, from where he retired in 2014. In retirement, John works as a Private Investigator for his Reno based company, Telos Investigations.

C. Jackson Investigations

Cameron Jackson is a former San Diego Police Officer and has been a private investigator since 2005.  He is a generalist PI with an emphasis in civil and criminal work.  He currently employs 5 full time investigators out of his Newport Beach office.


MPS Security & Protection
Michael Julian
has worked in the investigations and security profession since 1985 when he began his career working as a surveillance investigator for National Business Investigations, Inc. He’s a long-time member of multiple national and international PI and security associations including the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), of which he was President for two terms. He is a graduate of the Executive Protection Institute, studied surveillance detection and covert protection at Executive Security International, and has certificates in behavioral threat assessment and active shooter survival training. His company, founded by his father in 1967, has provided executive and asset protection services to corporate executives, celebrities, natural and man-made disaster victims and people at risk, and investigative services to the corporate and private sector for five decades. He is a certified Personal Protection Specialist (PPS), is a Certified Professional Investigator (CPI) and is one of less than 50 Certified Security Professionals (CSP) in California. Michael created the A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival program, which he teaches throughout the US and wrote the book, 10 Minutes to Live: Surviving an Active Shooter using A.L.I.V.E., which is sold worldwide.

California Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Forensic Services
Elissa Mayo is an Assistant Bureau Director with the California Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Forensic Services. During her 28 years with the department, she has worked in or supervised most sections of the laboratory and was a member of the Department’s Special Response Crime Scene Team, and Forensic Biology and Crime Scene Technical Advisory Groups. Elissa also served as the Bureau’s Quality Assurance Manager where she led the successful effort to obtain international (ISO) accreditation for BFS¿ 13 laboratories. Elissa’s time in the laboratory included crime scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis, investigation of serial, prison and elder abuse cases, re-evaluation of cases on post-conviction appeal, and state task force, internal affairs, and Officer Involved Shooting investigations. Now, she is focused on how cognitive factors influence forensic decision-making and is leading the effort to incorporate best practices at the Department to ensure delivery of impartial and accurate analysis results in all forensic disciplines. Elissa teaches regularly in the US and abroad in the areas laboratory management, quality assurance and crime scene investigation. She teaches a Crime Scene Investigation Boot Camp which has been delivered to defense and corrections investigators. Elissa is currently working as a forensic advisor to the US Government’s ICITAP program in its effort to improve quality assurance practices at and assist in accrediting Mexico’s state crime laboratories to the ISO 17025 standard. Previously she did similar work in the countries of Tanzania and Columbia. Outside her regular duties, Elissa is an avid SCUBA diver and underwater photographer and has published two books on Indonesian marine species identification.

Complete Legal Investigations
Mark J. Murnan is a Certified Legal Investigator and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Mark is a former staff investigator for the Federal Public Defender, Southern District of Florida. He has over 35 years of investigative experience and has assisted counsel in cases of securities and wire fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, murder, sexual battery, and gang-related crimes. He is the past president of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI), and a former Regional Director for the southeast United States for the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI).

Research Electronics International
Anthony Reep currently serves as a technical instructor for Research Electronics International. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice from Tennessee Technological University. Prior to working as an instructor for REI he served as a police officer for 9 years. While an officer, he achieved the rank of Master Patrolman and had supplemental duties as a Field Training Officer, SWAT Team member and motorcycle patrol officer. Anthony also served as an entry team member, tactical explosive breacher and pole camera operator. He is trained in convoy security/force protection, active shooter response as well as tracking and wooded terrain operations.

Chris Reynolds Investigations
Chris Reynolds has been a licensed investigator since 1979. Starting in 1984, Mr. Reynolds has conducted over 750 workplace investigations of harassment or discrimination, acting as a third-party investigator. Mr. Reynolds trains managers of school districts and private businesses on the intricate nature of these investigations. Mr. Reynolds has been a member of CALI since 1985 and served four terms as its President.



JR Investigations
Jay Rosenzweig was featured on KTLA News in Los Angeles for his role in successfully searching for Morning News Anchor Chris Schauble's biological mother. The light news story received national attention and won a Golden Mike Award from the RTNA of Southern California. The news story also received a SoCal Journalism Award from The Los Angeles Press Club. Jay was also seen on KABC Los Angeles News last year for reuniting a brother with his long-lost sister. On season two of Lifetime's "This Time Next Year," Jay will be featured as part of a story that reunited a birth child from the Vietnam era with her Army Veteran father.

Camelot Investigations

Sandra Stibbards began her investigative career training and working extensively with one of the oldest and best known private investigation agencies in California. Four years later, in 1996, she opened her own investigation agency, Camelot Investigations. Currently, she maintains a private investigator licenses in the state of California. Ms. Stibbards specializes in Financial Fraud Investigations, Competitive Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Penetration Tests / Vulnerability Assessments, Intelligence Collection, Brand Protection/IP Investigations and Internet Investigations. Elicitation is a specialized skill and trade that she has developed and refined during her years as an investigator. She has included “Internet profiling” and online investigations within her work. Ms. Stibbards has conducted Internet profiling and computer investigations internationally in five continents.  Ms. Stibbards has been presenting training seminars on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for over eight (8) years. The course was created originally for the US Federal Government. The training seminars are tailored for large corporations and government agencies. Some of the business people and businesses in attendance have included retired intelligence agents, licensed private investigators, law enforcement, security companies, computer forensic corps., aerospace companies, financial corporations, accounting firms and law firms. The presentations help prepare participants to protect and expand their businesses and information as well as grow with the changes.

SLi - Surveillence Locates Investigations

Lee Wolfe is a Veteran of the US Coast Guard where he conducted law enforcement, search & rescue and other maritime missions. Following his service, he graduated with distinction from San Diego State University where he also interned with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and worked for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. Upon returning to Northern California in 2001, Lee started working as a Private Investigator and worked both rural and urban surveillance assignments. In 2006 Lee founded SLI Surveillance Locates Investigations, where they specialize in all aspects of Insurance Defense & Insurance Fraud Investigations, to include Surveillance, AOE-COE, Subrogation, Premium Fraud, Major Claims, Complex Death Claims, Loss Scene Inspections, Auto and other forms of Insurance Investigations.