Lending Library

CALI operates a lending library consisting of several safety videos for the benefit of its State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) members. These videos can increase your employees’ awareness of safety risks around them and reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace, thus minimizing your workers’ compensation claims.

CALI members who purchase workers’ compensation insurance through SCIF may choose to rent any video free of charge for ten days at a time by submitting a request to the CALI office. For more information or to request a rental, please contact Robert Rice at [email protected].

Safety Video Titles:

  • "Driving Safety” (DVD)
  • "Office Ergonomics” (DVD)
  • "Workers' Comp Fraud: It Affects Us All” (VHS)
  • "Office Ergonomics in the Workplace” (VHS)

Also, one online-only video entitled "New Hire Safety Orientation” may be viewed by CALI SCIF members, who can request access to be granted via email. This video was produced exclusively for CALI, so it is geared towards security and investigation professionals. For immediate online access, please email Robert Rice at [email protected].


Files related to CALI's Safety Program
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Sample Workplace Violence Prevention Policy DOC (30 KB) Administration 12/16/2010
Injury and Illness Prevention Program PDF (113.49 KB) 
Injury and Illness Prevention Program presentation from the 2010 Annual Conference. 
Administration 10/21/2010

Ergonomics Presentation PDF (381.08 KB)
Ergonomics Defined:
The Science relating persons and their work, including the factors affecting the efficient use of human energy.

Administration 10/7/2010