Los Angeles District Report, October 2014

Los Angeles District Report, October 2014

Thank you CALI members for the opportunity to represent you as Los Angeles District Director for 2014-2015 year.

As Los Angeles District Director, 2014/2015, I hope to pump up the District membership and continue to provide outstanding speakers, venues and menus. I would point to the success of this formula in San Diego and Los Angeles. In San Diego we have held meetings at places such as Hotel Solamar, The Hard Rock Café, and even on a Yacht! Our guests have included Assemblyman Brian Jones, Sheriff Bill Gore and FBI SAC (Special Agent in Charge) Daphne Hearn. San Diego’s attendance rose 60% on average in two years.

In the New Los Angeles District we have had the pleasure of entertaining guests such as Susteen’s Eryn Williams, Long Beach Chief of Police (soon to be Los Angeles County Sheriff) Jim McDonnell, and LAPD Detective Special Enforcement Tom Thornton. Our next meeting will be a joint Los Angeles and Long Beach –South Bay District meeting on November 6th, 2014. This will be our annual ‘Toys 4 Tots’, meeting and will take place at Luminaries Restaurant, located at 3500 Ramona in Monterrey Park, and will start at 6:30PM. Our educational guest is Kris Waddell of Shadow Agent.com. Kris is currently on assignment in Afghanistan, and is the founder/CEO of Shadow Agent, but will return on November 5th to join us on November 6th.

Shadow agent is a software program to be used by investigators to accept cases and store and share information in a cloud based application. He is currently operating in Afghanistan as an Intelligence Analyst with a focus in Targeting and Human Intelligence with a private government contracting company. Kris has been very successful in his endeavors in the IC in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has helped the military accomplish over 50 combat missions intelligently through six tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our anticipated special guest is LAPD Chief Michael Downing, who commands the CTSOB (Counter Terrorism Special Operations Bureau) at LAPD. He will tell us about LAPD’s counter terrorism efforts to date. We will also have on hand Cherie Kono, Program Director at InfraGard Los Angeles. InfraGard is a national education and information sharing program created by and between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private/public sector. There are InfraGard groups in cities around the country. Their individual and combined objectives include the mitigating of local, state and national vulnerabilities which terrorists might attempt to exploit. By their implementation, these objectives also provide increased protection against criminal activities found in our cities and towns, corporate environments, and our personal lives.

I encourage all Governors and Directors to support one another to improve District attendance by selecting excellent meeting venues and inviting Special Guests and Educational Guests to all meetings. Los Angeles, a District of CALI Excellence!

Dana Griffith, CPI
Los Angeles District Director, CALI
[email protected]