CALI Member Benefits & Programs

Consumer and Professional Referrals – "Find an Investigator"
CALI's "Find an Investigator” program is a public access page on our website that enables the public to search our licensed members online and is a valuable marketing tool. This is an optional program and is a free service to our licensed members.

Aflac & CALI: We've got you under our wing
Your Association, California Association of Licensed Investigators, is making Aflac's insurance policies available to you! Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you (unless assigned), when you're sick or injured. You can use the cash to help cover expenses that major medical does not - like mortgage, groceries, or whatever you need. It's like a safety net for you and your family.  Click here for additional information.

DISCOUNTED Long Term Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance
Long Term Disability Insurance is used to help protect your future earnings and Long-Term Care Insurance pays a daily or monthly benefit towards the costs of care services from a skilled nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day care or home. Click here for additional information.

Discount Program with Office Depot
We are excited to introduce you to our discount program with Office Depot.  As a member of CALI, you have access to enterprise-level discounts with Office Depot’s Business Division at no extra cost or obligation.  Discounts are on over 5,000 items and range from 5% to 80% off retail prices!  Get instant online access to Office Depot’s Business discounts through your CALI membership.

Hotel Discount Program
CALI has partnered with HotelStorm to bring exclusive hotel discounts to our members. HotelStorm negotiates hotel discounts only available to CALI members, with discounts up to 55%. Simply search the website for your favorite destinations – whether personal or professional – and you'll find savings of 10-55% over other online travel agencies. Click here for the discount code.

  CALI Car Rental Discount Programs
  Discounts with Enterprise and National Car Rentals.  Click here for the discount codes.

   PDJ Services Discount for CALI Members Only
   FREE Account Membership.  $100 off Statewide Asset Investigation and $25 off Nationwide Utility Search.

Service & Industry Partners
Variety of products and services provided by our industry partners that are committed to CALI and its members. Click here to see our partners.

The California Private Investigator's Legal Forms
Discounts on CALI's exclusive "The California Private Investigator’s Legal Forms" package contains twelve must-have forms plus information and links to six more important government forms. Also included is a 17-page Forms Manual to guide the user on understanding and modifying the forms to suit their unique needs.  Please click here for additional information.

Networking and Business Opportunities
CALI has an email listserv for members only. This is a free service to our members that enables you to communicate quickly and easily with your fellow CALI members – saving you valuable time, energy and resources.

Education and Training
CALI offers a number of professional development options to its members.  We have training classes for new and experienced investigators.  Each district provides quarterly educational opportunities. The CALI Annual Conference is the best opportunity for our members to educate themselves and stay current on the latest legal issues, practices and technology. 

Professional Certification – Are you ready? 
You have the knowledge--now make it official!
Certified Professional Investigator or Certified Security Professional
Click here for information about the CALI Certification Program

Membership Directory
Real-time Membership Directory is a proven source for referral business. The Membership Directory is accessed by our members online.

Association and Membership Promotion
CALI promotes our members through our participation in industry-related conferences, such as the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the Combined Claims Conference for insurers, and other allied professional organizations.

Legislative Advocacy & Governmental Public Relations
Protecting the investigative and security professions is one of our chief goals. We dedicate our resources and energy to make certain that we have the most viable and effective legislative program possible.

Safety Program
CALI's Safety Center is dedicated to providing you and your employees with relevant safety information to lower your claims and promote a workplace dedicated to safety, efficiency and productivity.

The Big 3
CALI is proud to announce a membership benefit between the three largest statewide PI associations in the country. As of today every CALI member can join both the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI), and the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), as an out-of-state member for half the price of their regular dues.