Monthly District Meetings

Monday, September 23, 2013  

I believe that CALI is at a crossroads in its history today. The choices are not easy and the paths that are available for this association to take are few and fraught with financial danger and political pitfalls and unknowns.

Do we invest in new and renewed membership with attractive and affordable loss leaders, or do we accept a diminishing membership and try to balance the books? Surely you can all see that we have to have an operable budget and responsible financial oversight, but does that necessarily eliminate a vigorous and robust membership drive?

In the words of our own Eddie McClain, "Using the monthly meetings of this network plus annual conferences and mid-year meetings, members are kept up to speed on changes in the law and the latest techniques. I have never been to a District Meeting or CALI Conference where I did not either learn something or meet someone for a resource. The friendships I have developed with my peers and even competitors, have served my business well throughout my career.”

I believe that to still be true. The monthly district meeting is the backbone of CALI. New and renewed members are vital to each district and the continued existence of CALI. Please take a few minutes in your next district meeting to fund our Administrative VP’s travel fund and voice your opinion on the membership drive plan Mr. Travers has put forward.

Dana Griffith CPI
San Diego District Governor CALI
[email protected]