N.L.I.T.E. Report

Wednesday, May 22, 2013  

May 2013

CALI Board of Directors and Members:

The NLITE team is looking forward to yet another great event which will be held prior to the "INVESTIGATIONS FOR A DIGITAL AGE” Conference in Santa Clara, California. The annual CALI Conference is always a great time for new members and newly licensed investigators to come together, network, catch up on the latest and greatest gadgets in the industry and add to their training portfolio.

Like I have said in many past issues, the NLITE staff and I have drawn resources to perfect these events from all over the United States, we have polled professionals in the industry across the nation. We have searched the internet to fine the most up to date information and we continue to add new information to the NLITE events. We are also continuing to build the NLITE documents page by gathering information, contracts, documents and forms to be placed on the CALI website for event attendees as well as all the membership to access as a resource. If any member has documents or basic information, which they feel, would be helpful to newly licensed investigator and the membership please submit them to me at [email protected].

What is NLITE? N.L.I.T.E. stands for, "Newly Licensed Investigator Training & Enrichment”, these CALI sponsored events are jam packed with information for the newly licensed investigator. This, packed 8 hour course, of basic newly licensed investigator information has become the most sought after "Investigator 101” event in our state and it's design is currently being sought by associations across the nation. It all started with YOU as members.

This event was designed to be a place where newly licensed investigators could gather information, protect themselves legally, discover the industry work ethics and be greeted by CALI leaders from the President down to their very own District Director and Governor.

The NLITE staff is now in full swing of gearing up for the NLITE VIII event at the Santa Clara ("INVESTIGATIONS FOR A DIGITAL AGE”) Annual Conference. You as the membership along with the current Board of Directors have given this training event everything it needed to be a success and we can now say, "IT IS A SUCCESS!” The last event was in March of this year in conjunction with Leg Day in Sacraments. The event was attended by 56 newly licensed investigators. 25 of those attendees were already members of CALI. 26 of them became members at the event. Only 5 attendees left the event without becoming members of CALI. These are outstanding numbers

As I write this report I reflect on how these events continue to be a pleasure and a privilege to manage and the real recognition goes to Jerry Packer and his crew in the Executive Director’s Office and the outstanding group of professionals now involved in the NLITE program and it’s faculty of presenters. To all of them I say thank you because without them this program would not be the success it has become. I remain focused on assuring that the newly licensed investigators which attend these events and join CALI get the best START possible in the industry.

NLITE, ELITE & Q4 Training Director, C.W. Sellers