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CALI is proud to introduce its online PI TEST PREP course!
Just wanted to let you know I passed the CA PI exam yesterday! It was tough but I felt the CALI practice test was a great tool preparing me for the exam, especially in getting used to a 150 multiple-choice question format.

~ Caroline Rhodes
To become a private investigator in the state of California, an individual must pass the state licensing examination. This course is designed to build a foundation of investigational knowledge to prepare students for the California Private Investigator (PI) exam. It was developed by the CALI Online Learning Committee, practicing private investigators who added their expertise, experience, and knowledge to the creation of this prep course.

This 10-hour course is divided into nine lessons, each focusing on an area that is important to private investigation work. Each lesson contains lecture content, interactive review cards comprised of practice exam questions, and flashcards of vocabulary terms. At the end of the course, students will take a final test, which is a practice test to help them prepare for the California PI exam. The first seven lessons of this course are topic areas covered in the California PI exam. The last two lessons of this course, Business and Licensing, do not appear on the actual exam, but are important and vital parts of building a private investigation business. These two areas are addressed to give students additional knowledge and support as they begin their careers as private investigators.

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The cost of this course is $199 for CALI Members and $249.00 for nonmembers.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds available for this course.

Program FAQs:
- once paid, can I take each section on my own schedule?  Yes, it is a self-paced course
- is there a time limit the course is available?  Courses are available for one year
- can sections be repeated? Yes, sections can be repeated

The actual California PI exam is a two-hour multiple choice examination made up of 150 questions that relate to the first seven lessons of this course. Each area makes up a certain percentage of the exam. The areas, and their percentages on the exam, are as follows:
I. Ethics (18%) - This area assesses the candidate’s ability to comply with ethical standards of private investigators regarding privacy rights, confidentiality, scope of practice, and management of investigative bias.

II. Planning (18%) - This area assesses the candidate’s ability to analyze information from the client and other sources in order to establish an investigative plan to include client objectives, plan development, and resources needed.

III. Information Gathering (26%) - This area assesses the candidate’s ability to lawfully collect case related information by conducting interviews, researching public and private sources, and performing surveillance.

IV. Evidentiary Evaluation (10%) - This area assesses the candidate’s ability to evaluate and analyze information and evidence to advance the investigative process.

V. Case Documentation (17%) - This area assesses the candidate’s ability to prepare and organize investigative results and methods of reporting the findings to the client.

VI. Trial Preparation (11%) - This area assesses the candidate’s ability to secure and review evidence, evaluate witnesses for presentation in legal proceedings, and conduct service of legal process.

For more information regarding the California PI exam and the process of becoming a licensed private investigator, visit the BSIS website. Click here for information and application to become a private investigator.