July 2017
Anne Fields

I am truly honored to serve as the President of CALI for the 2017-2018 term. This year will be special because CALI celebrates is 50th Anniversary. This year represents my 30th year as a member in CALI.  Sean Walsh and Juan Sigler are two new District Directors joining the board this year. Sean Walsh is a Past President of CALI.

There is a Director at Large position (1 year term) that is vacant. The Elections Committee Chair, Frank Huntington, will be sending out an announcement that the position is vacant and the board would like to fill the position before the first board meeting. Anyone interested in serving CALI as a Director at Large should notify Mr. Huntington.

CALI’s Mission:

•To advance the professions of licensed investigators and security professionals;
•To provide education and training to all licensed professionals; and
•To articulate and advocate the needs and interests of the professions before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government.

This year CALI will continue to promote the Private Investigation profession, offer education and training programs and continue with our legislative efforts. I have established a Presidential Committee to explore reorganizing the CALI districts into regions. I have established a Presidential Committee to work on special projects for our 50th Anniversary Celebration to be held in June 2018 in Long Beach, Ca.

CALI’s finances are stable even with the loss of the money that we received previously from the State Fund Program. I will work with the newly elected Treasurer and the Budget Committee to work on reducing costs while maintaining the benefits we provide to our members.

CALI had a wonderful conference at the Peppermill in Reno. This year’s conference will be extra special as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Chad Ragan and Roberto Rivera with co-chair the conference committee this year. I expect them to have an excellent program for the conference in Long Beach.

The Board has decided to do a 90 day trial of a moderated list-serve. It is not the intention of the board to censor anyone or to forward referrals to a select few. All referral requests will go to the entire list-serve as they have done in the past.

Emails that are not in accordance with the list-serve rules will be cancelled and the author will be so informed. Any email that violates the rules will be returned. The current list-serve rules will remain in effect. Email signature lines must include the following:

Member Name & Company
Phone Number
Email Address
License Number

Repeat violations and lack of professionalism are some of the reasons why CALI is trying a moderated list-serve. Please be considerate that CALI is trying something new with the list-serve. I know that some members do not like this change. I ask you to keep and open mind and see how it works during the 90 day trial period.   

The first CALI board meeting for the 2017-2018 term will be held in San Jose, CA on August 26 (location to be determined, but will be added to the CALI Website soon). I encourage CALI members to attend the board meetings. The members are the strength of CALI. We are working to keep newsletters coming to CALI members six times a year to keep members informed and CALI transparent. I do not have hidden agendas, am open-minded, and always act in what I believe to be in the best interest of CALI. I want to encourage all members to get involved and participate to ensure CALI as an association of excellence.