President's Message

CALI’s 50th annual conference was held in June in Long Beach, Ca. with a full schedule of education, networking, meetings, and awards.  There were approximately 250 people involved in the conference, over 300 including the gala. A majority of the conference evaluations rated the conference with high marks. CALI’s 50th Gala Celebration was a fantastic evening. Every member who attended the Gala was recognized.            

Thank you to everyone who participated to make our conference a success. We are in the final process of choosing the location of the 2018/19 annual conference.  Stay tuned for that announcement.
There was not a recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award last year. Frank Huntington, III our latest recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award remains the Chair of this committee.

Surprisingly CALI did not receive any nominations for the Investigator of the Year Award. I know there is a CALI member who deserved to received the award last year. I ask all the Directors to promote this award at your district meetings during the year. Hopefully someone will be nominated this year. The criteria for the award is on the CALI website.

Bradley Pfanner was elected to hold the Director at Large position.  Tawni Tyndal was elected to be the Secretary. The new board members this year are Lance Davidson, Sean Ditty, Mayra Mira, Tony Suggs and Jay Rosenzweig. Welcome to the CALI Board of Directors. I look forward to working with you this year. Sean Ditty, CPI and CALI Past President, Jay Rosenzweig have served on the CALI Board of Directors in the past.

The South Bay-Long Beach District Director and Governor positions were filled on August 8, 2018. Congratulations to Robert Rice who is the new Governor for the district and David Williams who is the new Director for the district.

My focus this year will be on continuing to enhance and grow membership with educational programs, our legislative program, and membership benefits. I have tasked the board to work on developing CALI’s social media presence through the Social Media Committee.

I believe the Board of Directors has improved communication membership. Please see the CALI website section below and utilize the communication with the members tools.

Jerry Packer is leaving us this year. He is selling his business to Andrea Messina, owner of Group Concepts, Inc. based in Long Beach, Ca.  I met with Ms. Messina in Long Beach during the annual conference. I was very impressed by her and pleased to hear all of Jerry’s staff will be transitioning to Andrea’s operation.  Michele Blair has been hired by Group Concepts as CALI’s executive director and fulfill the remainder of the Sterling Strategic Management – CALI contract.  Michele has extensive experience as an executive director and over 18 years in the association management profession.  We are excited to have Michele on the team.

Andrea Messina attended the August 11th board meeting and answered questions from the board. The board voted to have Group Concepts, Inc. fulfill the remaining time of our contract with Sterling Strategic Management.

I’m always concerned when CALI transitions to a new ED.  Due to the fact that the support staff will remain the same, I feel assured that the transition from Sterling Strategic Management to Group Concepts will be a smooth one.
There are two new areas on the CALI Website:

“From the Boardroom”  Members are now able to log onto the CALI Website, click on "From the Boardroom" in the quick links area of the member's profile, and review board meeting materials, approved board meeting minutes, and other notes and announcements.

Another addition we are currently working on is a “President’s Message” which will be located under the News/Publications menu item. Hover over “News/Publications” and click on President’s Message.
CALI members approved a policy regarding members having the ability to submit questions and receive answers from the Bylaws Committee prior to voting on any proposed Bylaw Amendment.

In the 2016/17 year, CALI created a new class of membership called “Security Services” that is a non-voting class of membership. The Vice President of Security Services position has been combined with the Vice President of Investigative Services position. The new position is referred to as the Vice President of Investigative and Security Services. The Officer position of Vice President of Security Services no longer exists.
I established a President’s Committee last year to explore regionalization of CALI.  Regionalization would reduce the size of the board and offer better educational training to the members.  Some CALI Districts are not able to achieve holding four district meetings per year as required by the CALI Bylaws. Attendance at many of the CALI district meetings is very low. The cost of sustaining 14 districts is expensive and some districts continue to operate at a loss. The CALI board is very large. Regionalization would reduce the cost for the board to operate.

I have asked the board to spend a significant amount of time this year discussing the idea of Regionalization of CALI.

There was a presentation about Regionalization during the August 11th board meeting. There will be information distributed to the members throughout the year regarding the exploration of Regionalization of CALI.      

I have reactivated the CALI Disaster Fund. CALI is asking for donations for CALI members who have recently sustained losses due to several wild fires burning throughout the state.  In particular, former Redding District Director, Lee Wolfe’s, home was destroyed by the Carr fire. There are over a thousand homes destroyed in the Carr fire alone. There may be other Redding District members with losses as well.

We decided not to create a Go Fund Me page because Go Fund Me takes a percentage of donations that are made. 100% of the donations received will benefit CALI member disaster victims.

You may use a credit or debit card to donate online here.  You may also mail a check to the CALI office, payable to California Court Reporters Association, with "Disaster Relief Fund" in the memo line:

California Court Reporters Association
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656    

Please also take a moment to “Follow, friend, and like CALI.” Doing so helps to promote the CALI brand. The more exposure for CALI can boost membership and offer more opportunities for all members.            

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Fields, P.I.,
CALI President