President's Message

Greetings members, CALI certainly hopes you and your business are thriving. I wanted update you on the current activities of the association.  Our membership numbers remain very strong, including new members from NLITE and our regular members continuing to renew. We are very appreciative of your support and hope you will continue your membership for many years to come.   As a trade association, we are always seeking ways to enhance your membership experience and give you value for your dues.  If you have suggestions that you think will improve your membership please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

The website is still being rolled out and new features will be added in the coming months. The interface for Districts is very different from our former site and it will take a little time before everything is working smoothly. Your feedback on the site is important so don’t hesitate to share your experiences (good or bad) with CALI.

The annual conference committee continues to prepare for Reno, Nevada in early June 2015.  The speaker list is almost set and we hope to have something to you before the holiday season rolls around. We have also secured our 2016 Annual Conference site in Palm Springs, CA.  The overwhelming response from the members made the selection a no-brainer.  If you missed it last year you can join next year.  The event has many opportunities for families, children, etc.

Many Districts will be meeting before the holidays.  If your district wants to make any contributions to a local charity, children’s group, etc. please be sure to notify your Governor. The Governor needs to notify the District members in advance of any meeting that could include a request for a donation.

We had some unfortunate scheduling difficulty for the upcoming NLITE and decided it was best to hold off this round. As a volunteer group, it is hard to coordinate all the instructors to find a day when everyone is available. We did not want to fight the holiday season!

Our next ELITE training will be in San Jose in January 2015.  Please be alert for the announcement. Dave Townsend will be conducting an all day training on computer forensics. I took the class in September in Los Angeles and learned many useful tricks that I am currently using with my clients.  Dave is also a new CALI Sponsor so be sure and sign up for this terrific training.

Francie Koehler, Jerry Desmond, Riley Parker and I traveled to San Luis Obispo this month to meet with the Court Administrator for that county. It was an enlightening experience for everyone.  CALI is trying to work constructively with the courts to find solutions to the ever-increasing problem of fee based searches. It is my belief that more and more counties are going to start charging for access to public records. There are current laws that allow courts to charge nominal fees for searching. CALI needs to be at the forefront of this issue; we don’t want to see bad laws passed that prevent us from gaining access to public information. For this reason, we are reaching out to educate the courts on what we do and how we do it. We assume that everyone knows what a licensed investigator does each day---far from it! We will continue to meet with court administrators around the state to address their concerns. Eventually we are going to see legislation and building positive relationships with the leaders in each county will help us when we need to be heard.

There is no major news on the State Fund matter. Our team continues to meet with SCIF to iron out our differences and to find some method ensure our members are compensated for the work they perform for SCIF vendors. If you have an experience with the vendors you think could assist our team it should be shared with Francie Koehler, our Legislative Director at [email protected].

Our financials look very good for the first 3 1/2 months of the fiscal year. Anne Fields and the budget committee continue to keep a tight fist on spending.