President's Report - December 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012  

It’s so hard to believe that it’s Christmas time again and another year is almost gone! Our country’s economic future is still a little unclear but many say that our profession in California should begin to see a slow but steady increase beginning in 2013. If you are like me, this is very welcomed news.

In the meantime, CALI is working on the following projects to strengthen our association, help our members improve their businesses and increase their revenue.

  • We provided Ben Harroll, the owner/curator of the PI Museum and PI Museum On Wheels, our membership promotion and application package to hand out during his 2012 PIMOW "World Tour” to promote and solicit membership from out of state PIs.
  • CALI Vice President of Security Services and I attended the 2012 Law Enforcement and Private Security (LEAPS) conference and interacted with several security industry companies and members to promote membership in CALI. We took in 9 new member applications at the conference.
  • After meeting the CALSAGA Executive Director and President at the LEAPS conference and having a long discussion about a potential alliance between CALI and CALSAGA, I have since begun more detailed discussions with them about how working together would benefit our two associations and members. My hope is that we can provide more networking and training opportunities to our members and bring their members on board our group insurance program so they can enjoy the premium discount offered, and CALI will receive a higher program administration refund.
  • We are working on increasing CALI’s social media exposure, which in turn will help drive traffic to the CALI site. This helps people looking for investigators in California find you. If you haven’t yet gone to the CALI website home page and clicked on the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn links and added yourself, please do so today.
  • We are looking into the creation of CALI iPhone and Android apps so members and potential clients can streamline access to our internet website, which will make it easier to find member investigators.
  • We are working with PI Magazine to create and execute educational webinars that can be attended live and then rerun for those who missed them the first time.
  • We are building a section in the CALI website that will store documents and templates to be viewed, downloaded and customized by any members needing to increase their document resources.
  • Former President Chris Reynolds is working on some short but very helpful "How to” videos that you can download from the CALI website to show you how to use different functions of the website. Our website is extremely powerful and has many helpful functions that you may not yet know how to use.
  • We are continuing to protect the rights and benefits of your paid membership in CALI buy actively seeking out former and non-members that are using the CALI logo on their websites and marketing material. We immediately issue a Cease & Desist letter directing them to take our logo down or pay for their membership like everyone else.
  • A dynamic Sponsorship Prospectus was created by our Executive Director and sent to several hundred potential sponsors, which will offset the cost of several of our conferences and programs. We are still actively seeking sponsors so if you know anyone that may be interested in getting their name out on our marketing material and at our functions, please contact Jerry Packer at [email protected] right away.
  • We are actively working on the 2013 Annual Conference in Silicon Valley and we believe it will be one to remember. We have also started planning the 2014 conference in Palm Springs and are excited about the potential for that event.

We want to send out the most interesting and educational newsletter possible and the best source for great stories, tricks of the trade, tools and other cool stuff from our own members. If you have an idea for a column or have written or want to write about an expertise that would interest your fellow members, please submit your articles and information to the CALI Newsletter Editor, Michelle Nero at [email protected] so she can publish it in an upcoming newsletter.

We hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season and your businesses flourish in the New Year. There are still a lot of great things to come in CALI so stay tuned and get involved. Our greatest assets are our members and we have some of the best people and PI’s in the country right here in CALI.

Happy Holidays,

Michael Julian, CPI PPS