Trackops Helps CALI In Fight Against Unlicensed Practices

Tuesday, November 12, 2013  

Trackops, a web-based investigative management software company founded in 2006, has agreed to join efforts to combat Unlicensed Activity and has agreed to provide CALI a case management account at no-cost.

On the CALI homepage, Click ,Report Unlicensed Activity Hereand submit your referral.

You may attach documents or pictures, as well as information regarding the possible unlicensed activity. The Unlicensed Practices Committee members will automatically be notified of your new referral and case updates will be sent to you via email.

The Unlicensed Practices Committee is a group of dedicated CALI members who search and investigate possible referrals for unlicensed activity in the Investigation and Security fields. The committee is formed by the Committee Chair who is appointed by the President of the Association. Currently, the Committee Chair is Roberto A. Rivera, CPI.

On behalf of the CALI, we would like to recognize Trackops’ important contribution to the ongoing fight against Unlicensed Activity.

For more information about Trackops, please visit their website at:

Roberto Rivera
Director at Large