V.P. of Administrative Services

Monday, September 23, 2013  

Hi Members,

The past month offered members a variety of District Meetings with great Educational Opportunities at Excellent Venues.

First up I attended the IE District Meeting, held Wednesday, July 31st at The Proabition Whiskey Bar Restaurant. Attendance was 29!…We had a great time with Director Flaksman and Governor Arreola. Also attending was President Julian and past Presidents Davis and Zavala. The Speaker, Glen Payne was outstanding, the food delicious, and raffle prizes great. Can't wait till their next meeting! Great job Roger and Oleg!

The next evening, August 1st, San Diego Governor Griffith and I drove up to Visalia to attend the San Joaquin Valley's first meeting at the LL Steakhouse. The food and venue were excellent and the raffle prizes were abundant. 13 were in attendance and Speaker Dave Jarrett was great. I met some outstanding investigators and will look forward to their next meeting. I'd bet attendance will double next meeting with such outstanding speakers, prizes, and venue!…Great Job Andy and Osiel!

Next the Orange County District's Roundtable Meeting was held Wednesday, August 7th at the Auld Dubliner in the Tustin. 12 members attended to assist in the planning of the years events, including District Director Bill Hunt, District Governor Cameron Jackson, IE Governor Roger Arreola, and San Diego Governor Dana Griffith. Look for some great things out of Orange County this year!

Following on Thursday, August 8th is the L.A. District Meeting held an outstanding meeting at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Long Beach. 16 members attended and the Speaker was excellent. The raffle gifts were without a doubt outstanding!…Great Job District Director Ryan Clock and newly elected District Governor Greg Reese. Also in attendance was San Diego Governor Dana Griffith. Look for attendance to increase to over 60 per meeting. Both Ryan and Greg have a great plan!

And the very next day the San Diego District held their first meeting Friday noon, August 9th aboard a 75 foot Luxury Yacht, the Azure Seas. 30 members were in attendance and the cruise was extraordinary. The food was outstanding and the raffle gifts amazing. Great Job District Governor Dana Griffith and Director Rick Rivero!…Navy SEAL Juan "Gonzo" Gonzalez did an excellent presentation on Mexico intelligence and cross border investigation. San Diego you have upped the ante for GREAT meetings!. Also attending was IE Governor Roger Arreola and Mr. CALI San Diego Toni Perrin.

I plan on visiting as many meetings as possible this 2013/2014 year. Thus far the San Diego, IE, LA, and North Bay Districts have voted to contribute $100 each to the VP Admin Travel Fund. Hopefully, all 13 districts will contribute and I can assist in expanding meeting attendance and promoting each district event, including the Palm Springs Conference June 5th to 7th….and ALL District Governors and Directors will attend both the Confernece and the President's Banquet!

We don't just deliver quality meetings, at quality venues, with quality speakers…we deliver vacation packages…..attend all your district meeting, and, the Conference in June…Come and see why CALI is an Association of Excellence.

Joseph A. Travers, CPI, CCDI
VP- Administrative Services, CALI